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Kajak Sport Round 15 LRC HT Hatch Cover

Product Code: 301314.1

Round hatch cover in Kajak Sports LRC-HT (Lightweight Rubber Cover - Hard Top) construction.

Used as a front or rear hatch cover on kayaks from multiple manufacturers. We supply these Kajaksport hatches in our P&H Sea Kayaks Hatch Cover Bundles

The 15 dimension in the product name references the measurement of the rim it should fit onto, slightly different to the size across the top face. Using one of these 2 measurements should allow you to find the correct hatch cover for your kayak.

Dimensions across top of hatch cover: 17cm

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  • Construction

    Kajak Sport Hatch Cover Types - LRC vs LRC-HT

    LRC (Light Rubber Cover)

    LRC-HT (Light Rubber Cover-Hard Top)

    LRC is lighter than the original rubber hatch covers and has nicer surface finish. The lighter weight can easily be noticed as LRC kayak hatches actually float!

    The profile of the LRC series is identical to the original rubber covers, so they have equal fitting properties to various rims, however, the original rubber cover will stretch more thanks to the superior elasticity properties of the material.

    The LRC material is fully UV and weather protected for long use.

    ‘HT’ describes the hard top in the centre of the cover, this makes the hatch cover easier to "click" onto the kayak.

    On the LRC-HT, the rigid centre area is smaller which increases stretch ability of the cover for an improved seal and allows more variation on the accuracy of measurement of the rim.

    In our P&H Kayak Hatch Cover Bundles, we aim to use the original type that would have been supplied, usually this would be a Hard Top type on composite kayaks, and standard rubber on plastic hatches.

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