How do I find the correct replacement hatch cover?

We have two ways of purchasing hatch covers. 

You can browse our range of individual replacement kayak hatch covers, these are listed by the manufacturer of the hatch cover and will often fit kayak models from multiple brands. These are listed with measurements and often some popular kayak models in the description.

Alternatively, browse our replacement kayak hatch cover bundles, these are listed by the brand and model of kayak, so you can find the correct set for your kayak. In the description it will break down the hatches included in the bundle, so you can purchase them separately if needed. Entering your kayak model into the search bar at the top of the page will also show all relevant hatch cover packages.

How do I measure my hatch?

We always recommend measuring your existing hatches and comparing them to the dimensions listed. Unless otherwise mentioned most measurements on the products will show the length and width across the top face of the hatch cover. We have found this to be the most reliable way, as often one hatch will fit a range of different rim sizes.

What if I don't have a hatch to measure against?

Please contact us and we can help. If you are able to take measurements of the rim we should be able to work out the right hatches.