About Us

Welcome to Hatch Covers UK, the destination for top-quality replacement hatch covers for kayaks from brands including: Valley Sea Kayaks, Dagger, Kajaksport and more. We understand the vital role that durable hatch covers play in keeping your kayaks dry, secure, and ready for your next adventure!

At Hatch Covers UK, we take pride in offering a wide range of replacement hatch covers that ensure a perfect fit for various kayak models. Explore our collection to discover hatch covers individually or available in bundles to suit the most popular models. Through our user-friendly website, find the perfect hatch cover for your kayak, and get back to enjoying your kayaking adventures.

We have been selling replacement Kayak Hatch covers for over 40 years through our parent company, AS Watersports. Though this we have gained the knowledge to offer the best hatch covers and help you select the correct size for your kayak.

Hatch Covers UK has been created to offer a tailored selection of hatches, easy to use navigation and affordable postage options. If you require a more extensive range of Kayaks, Canoes, Paddleboards, Paddles and watersports equipment, we recommend checking AS Watersports. All key hatch models are also listed there too.